‘This is my life right now’: Whitehaven residents struggling with no water, broken pipes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More than 30,000 people in Shelby County were still without running water Tuesday night. And with temperatures rising, some people were facing another problem – pipes bursting.

Since Friday, FOX13 received countless emails, phone calls and Facebook messages about flooding water, broken pipes and other lingering problems from last week’s winter weather.

In one Whitehaven home, the aftermath of Friday’s power outage was a frozen pipe that burst on Saturday morning.

It happened less than 24 hours after FOX13 spoke to the homeowner, Stephanie Neely Whitlock, who was without power for almost 12 hours Friday.

“I went and laid back down, and covered back up with this blanket and more covers to try to stay warm but it’s unbearable,” she told FOX13 on Friday,

Just a few doors down, her neighbor, Tumira Wicks, said she also had damage in her home from a busted pipe.

“I had water to start leaking in my wash room, I had water to leak in my carport area, I had water coming from I guess the floorboard going to my backyard,” she said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Wicks said she was still without running water in her home.

“Here’s my jugs of water that I have, that I been using. Here go my pots that I have to be filling in the water,” she said.

She said she spent her whole weekend filling up pots, buying water and getting creative so she and her 4-year-old daughter could still bathe and flush their toilet.

“Right here is my garbage can that I got to use to fill up water so I can be able to fill up my commode with this pot right here. So I take this pot just to fill in water just to be able to flush it,” she said.

She said Tuesday that to her knowledge, none of her neighbors have running water still.

With no timeline for when it would be fixed, she said she had to take a trip to Mississippi to get bottled water, and she’d keep doing it to take care of herself and her daughter.

“This is my life right now, unfortunately,” she said. “This is my life.”