Shelby County Clerk’s Office closed departments at Downtown location for two weeks

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County Clerk’s Office is, once again, closed departments at one of its offices for two weeks, according to Shelby County Clerk Wanda Halbert.

The closure only impacts the Downtown Memphis office, Halbert said.

The MVR and Title departments of that office will be closed until February 3, 2023, Halbert said.

The Shelby County Clerk said she made the decision to close that office in order to process and clear already existing MVR and Title requests ahead of an expected February rush.

“As the Shelby County Clerk’s Office nears the end of the latest issuance of new state license plates, we’re taking measures to stay ahead of February’s anticipated rush,” Halbert said in a statement. “The Shelby County Clerk’s offices often see a significant increase in new vehicle purchases and Motor Vehicle...In an effort to stay ahead of this rush, the Shelby County Clerk’s office is closing the MVR and Title departments to the public at the Downtown location only during the weeks of January 24th-27th and January 30th-February 3rd so our team can process and clear MVR and Title requests.”

The announcement about the two-week closure came out just a day before the departments shut down, on January 23.

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That’s the same day that a statewide systems issue with the State of Tennessee transaction team caused glitches with the motor vehicle and tax service departments, causing longer-than-usual lines and delays, according to Halbert.

Halbert said that all other services, including driver’s license, marriage, notary and business tax services will remain open.