Retracing Tyre Nichols’ final steps during MPD confrontations

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — On Tuesday, FOX13 News demonstrated how close Tyre Nichols was to his home when police said there was a second confrontation with officers.

The route starts at East Raines Road and Ross Road.

Investigators said police initially pulled Nichols over for a traffic stop at the intersection.

Investigators said there was a confrontation and somehow Nichols escaped officers on foot, running toward his home.

Investigators said the second confrontation occurred less than a half of a mile away from the first confrontation, below a skycop camera.

The location of the camera is just yards from Nichols’ home.

FOX13 crews noticed a neighbor’s camera which points toward the direction where police said the second confrontation happened, but the neighbor told FOX13 her camera is motion-activated and did not capture the incident.