Police dispatch from the moments of Tyre Nichols’ confrontation with officers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 News has obtained police dispatch audio from the day investigators said officers had two confrontations with Tyre Nichols, 29.  Here is a transcript of the dispatch audio:

“2933, we have one black male running.”

“2938, you still have eyes on that subject?”

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“Any other Scorpion units pull over to east Raines and Ross.”

“Any other scorpion units pull over to east Raines and Ross. We have one running on foot.”

“Run that tag and see its address.”

“Be advised the subject lives at ---- Castlegate.”

“Show me at ---- and -------.””At Ross and Castlegate Lane.  He’s fighting at this time.”

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“Does the fire department need to come back down to you or are you bringing him back down?”

“Check … they’re on their way now.”

The duration of the police dispatch audio pertaining to the incident involving Nichols goes on for nearly 10 minutes. 

Attorneys for the Nichols family said the police confrontation in which they viewed between officers and Tyre Nichols lasted for approximately three minutes. 

It’s then assumed Nichols spent seven minutes running from police officers.