‘Our own security’: Students at Memphis beauty school questioning safety after car break-ins

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Students at an East Memphis beauty school say they’ve seen cars broken into, suspicious vehicles and people watching them as they leave class at night.

They said it’s happening at the Empire Beauty School on Colonial Road and it’s only gotten worse in the past four weeks.

“We’ve seen vehicles completely trashed, clothes everywhere, anything is being taken,” said one student, who asked to be anonymous.

Students said they’ve witnessed people breaking into cars right in the parking lot.

“Last week they tried more than one time. Three times in one day to be specific,” said one student.

They said the car burglaries have them so shaken up that some students have not gone to class.

Students said they have reported it to staff and administration multiple times.

An email sent to students on Dec. 13 said, “We live in a city that has high crime; this is a city concern, not just an Empire Beauty School issue.”

The email goes on to encourage students to park near each other, travel together and not leave any valuables in the car.

“Eventually there was an email sent out saying that there would be security. However, students showed up having to be our own security,” said one student.

Another added, “I don’t think it’s our responsibility to ensure the safety of the entire school but that’s what we’ve been doing.”

An email sent Dec. 28 said that the school is contracting security and waiting to install security cameras.

Students said this is a good start, but they also want something else.

“More lighting. If it’s bothering other neighbors, put it in a position where they don’t see it over the fence.”

FOX13 reached out to members of the Memphis campus about any extra safety precautions that they’re taking and when students may see the change but did not receive a response Tuesday evening.