Organization holding Mardi Gras Ball to support domestic violence victims

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Pegsus Memphis organization will have its 20th Annual Mardi Gras Ball.

It will be on Jan. 28 at Minglewood Hall in honor this year of the organization, “Love Doesnt Hurt”.

“Our party this year … the theme this year is Heroes versus Villains, so we’re excited to have an exciting show for the community to come out and participate in. They can either come dressed in a tuxedo, evening gown or they can come dressed as their favorite character,” said Judd Trimble, vice-president of Pegasus Memphis.

The Love Doesn’t Hurt organization provides assistance to LGBTQ + people who are affected by domestic violence.

The organization’s website state its mission is, “to provide accessible services, inspire hope and signpost to specialist support organizations. We also want to raise public awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse through our projects and campaigns.”

Tickets to the event can be purchased by going here