Oak Court Mall to be auctioned off by end of December

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Oak Court Mall in Memphis is set to be auctioned off soon, according to documents

The notice was posted Tuesday, announcing the pending sale of the mall.

According to the release, the mall’s parent company, Washington Prime Group, filed for bankruptcy last year.

The auction date is Dec. 28.

“This sale is subject to any and all unpaid taxes, and any other prior claims, liens, easements, set back lines, and restrictions,” according to a release.

Shoppers Marisha Glo and Nylah Lloyd said that they spent plenty of weekends in the mall as a child and teen.

“I’m so sad they’re closing down, just devastated because this is my Saturday night out spot if I wanna go to Classic Soles, or I wanna go somewhere like that, I can’t come here and get an outfit no more,” said Glo.

“I have a lot of memories here, me and my friends would come here to shop, hang out, meet up with other friends,” said Lloyd.

Shelby County Commissioner Britney Thornton said that she hopes the next buyer uses the space to its fullest extent.

“16 acres is a huge canvas,” she said. “I hope that whoever falls into ownership that they actually have an interest in filling this void because we need places to entertain ourselves and just break away from the monotony of life and just exist in safe environments, entertaining environments.”