Family says wife warned she would stab husband to death on New Year’s over Facebook Live

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Family members said a Memphis mother of six warned on a Facebook Live she would stab her husband to death shorty before police said she carried out the act.

“You see your sibling just lying out there and there’s like nothing you can do,” said Ernashay Flenorl, the victim’s sister.

Police arrested Catonya Nelson-Smith, 36, and charged her with first degree murder. 

The family said Nelson-Smith stabbed her husband, Jermaine Smith, 43, in the neck.

“She had stabbed him in his neck and he went outside and collapsed in the parking lot … She (Victim’s sister) heard him choking and heard him breathing hard and that’s just a bad way to watch someone you love go out,” she adds.

Police said the fatal stabbing happened in the 900-block of Vance Avenue.  The family said the couple had six children.

A Facebook Live obtained by Fox13 News shows the couple dancing on New Year’s shortly before the murder happened.

“Get out. It’s as simple as that. There are a lot of people they don’t want to get out and I know why because they’re comfortable and when you’re comfortable you tend to accept any and everything.  Sometimes you’re fearful of what that person will do if you leave and sometimes it’s the fear of finding someone else,” she adds.

There is help for people who are experiencing domestic violence.

The Family Safety Center can be reached at (901)222-4400