Deadline to request absentee ballot arrives as countdown to midterm elections begins

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Mid-term elections are coming up in Shelby County, and Nov. 1 marks the deadline for requesting an absentee mail-in ballot.

Early voting in Tennessee runs through Nov. 3.

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On Monday, the Shelby County Election Commission approved $130,000 for training and voter education.

Voters will have access to new voting machines at the polls.

The money will fund exit polling and research for the Nov. 8 election. This will help the Election Commission create a voter education plan for 2023, officials said.

”I think it’s vital if we’re going to make the transition, the significant transition we’ve made from the way we’ve done the elections for the past 20 years, it does require an extensive education program,” said Election Committee chair Mark Luttrell.

Luttrell initially requested $413,250 for a contract with Kingdom Quality Communications for voter education.

He told the county commission Monday that election commissioners will use data from exit polling and research to bring back a more specific plan for how additional funding will be used ahead of the City of Memphis October 2023 elections.

He said a plan will likely be presented by summer 2023.

Meanwhile, the Nov. 8 ballot has four TN state amendments, a gubernatorial race, as well as House of Representatives and mayoral races.

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