Teachers could strike if forced to go back to class amid coronavirus pandemic

Teachers may decide to strike if they’re forced to go back to a classroom they think is unsafe during the coronavirus pandemic.

The American Federation of Teachers announced it will support local chapters that vote to strike if the chapters deem the reopening of schools unsafe, The Associated Press reported.

The strikes would be considered “safety strikes,” AFT President Randi Weingarten said in a keynote address with delegates to the union’s biennial convention. The convention was held virtually, the AP reported.

Click here to read the resolution passed by the union.

The union, which represents 1.7 million teachers, will give legal, communication and staffing support for those chapters that choose to strike.

The AFT has set conditions that it would like to see in schools when they reopen, including reopening in areas where there are low virus rates, requiring of masks, updated ventilation systems and social distancing.

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