Witnesses recall moments in East Memphis library shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The shooting that killed one man and sent an MPD officer to the hospital in “extremely critical” condition happened right next to Clark Tower, in a shopping center near restaurants and stores including the Malco Paradiso theater and Whole Foods.

People who watched the situation unfold told FOX13′s reporter Jack Bilyeu, they were shocked to learn something like this could happen so close to their jobs.

Crime scene investigators were in and out of the scene all afternoon.

They taped off the library and much of the parking lot of the nearby Clark Tower.

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An employee at a music store just two doors down from the library said he was headed to work as officers arrived on the scene.

“Coming to work on Mt. Moriah, I just see six, seven, eight cop cars come flying past, driving up the wrong side of the road trying to get past everyone, screaming up there,” Justin Smith said. “Apparently, I came into work at just the right time because after that, they blocked off Mt. Moriah and they blocked off White Station.”

Smith said he was shocked to arrive at work to see the scene unfolding in the same shopping center.

He said the worst crimes he had seen in the area previously were drunk and disorderly patrons from nearby bars.

Poplar Avenue was closed down during part of the investigation but has now reopened.