Who won? Arkansas county still counting votes, officials say

PHILLIPS COUNTY, Ark. — As of Thursday, voters and candidates still don’t know who won in Phillips County in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Secretary of State told FOX13 News that the county’s election coordinator Cal Wooldridge has stopped communicating with the office.

Reached by FOX13, Wooldridge said that there were problems with machines on Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

He added that he had thousands of votes to enter by hand into a laptop before the results could be turned in to the state.

A map on the state election results site shows Phillips is the only county in Arkansas not to report results from this week’s elections.

Phillips County voter Betty Brown says this news concerns her.

”The only thing they will say is that it is in the voting system, and they have not counted or probably some stuff is going on,” Brown said

A spokesperson for the state secretary’s office said that Wooldridge has stopped communicating. And when the office tried to get in contact with him, he acted like the office is bothering him, the spokesperson said.

Wooldridge said that is a lie.

He said that he has taken time off from his fulltime job and volunteered to be an election coordinator.

The secretary of State’s office said it sent employees to help Wooldridge but to no avail.

Wooldridge said that he accepted the help, but he still had votes to enter and declined to talk further with FOX13.

The Secretary of State’s office said it didn’t have a clear picture of what is going on in Phillips County.

Voter Patricia Davis says the state needs to step in.

”Do it, and come help and get it over with,” she said. “Let’s see who has what and who is going to run what, because we want to run what and we want to know who is going to be over everything so we can know.”

The county clerk’s office also says it has not gotten results from Woolridge to post.

Under state law, votes must be certified by Wednesday.