Where to set up your camera for the best selfies and picture-perfect moments in the Bluff City

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Looking to ‘get your selfie on’?

FOX13 set out to find the best murals for pictures and selfies in the Mid-South.

We found there are literally hundreds of artful options so we narrowed it down for you.

Sunrise by the river...FOX13′ Valerie Calhoun and photojournalist Cynthia Perkins waited for the sun to “dot the i” of the Memphis sign on Mud Island.

That’s where they met Ryant Nelson, an independent videographer on a shoot for a client.

He said, “It’s the perfect lighting and you don’t have the blown out effect of the sun.”

Mud Island may offer the ultimate Memphis background. It has the giant Memphis sign with the skyline in the background.

You can set your camera on auto and just have a good time.

“I think the best spot would be in front of it about 20 feet and angled,” Nelson said.

Before you leave Mud Island, take the stage at the Mud Island Amphitheater- the same stage graced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Journey and so many other greats.

Get a shot with the Mighty Mississippi river and “M” bridge behind you...bonus points if you do it at dusk with the bridge lit up.

But let’s get to the murals.

FOX13 asked viewers for input, and a larger-than-life portrait of Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant on the side of Slim and Husky’s at 634 Union Avenue is the current fav.

Another favorite? The “I am a Man” painting near 398 South Main .

Ron Kuntz said, “I see a lot of people stop by the I am a man mural and take pictures and stuff.”

Put on your Angel Wings by Tin Roof on iconic Beale Street...

And the murals in Barboro Alley between Front and Main Street are vibrant and fun to find.

“One of the very first murals in Memphis...you can barely see. A nod to Memphis’ black history...painted by the late, great George Hunt in 1983.”

Truthfully, it’s hard to find a favorite...and you don’t really have to because there are, literally, hundreds of murals and art installations to choose from.

Lauren Kennedy heads up Memphis’ Urban Art Commission. She said public art, “says a lot about a place, It’s what people remember about a place. When public art is successful it becomes part of your landmarks for navigating a city. "

The iconic “I love Memphis Mural” on Cooper, just south of Central is a staple for selfie-lovers.

Truth is, even the smaller art installations are inspiring and speak to who we are. Kennedy said

“It conveys the vibrancy and the creative talent here. "

Don’t know where to begin? No problem. Plan a few hours or a few days to get out and revel in the beauty of Memphis’ public art.

Find out more on the Memphis Art Project here. It’s got interactive maps showing murals and art installations and where to find them.