Students in DeSoto County Schools head back to class

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Students in DeSoto County Schools, the largest school district in the state of Mississippi, headed back to class Thursday.

FOX13′s Tom Dees spoke with Superintendent Cory Uselton about heading back to class.

He said every year, parents have to get used to the new routine and schedule changes.

“We just ask for everyone to be patient these first couple of days with the new bus routes, and parents are learning the car rider lines on different campuses, and there may be a little confusion,” Uselton said. “And it may take a little longer with bus riders coming on campus.”

Traffic is expected to be heavy at school campuses the first few days, but officials said traffic flows are expected to clear up.

Southaven parent Darrel Partee said getting the kids back on schedule can be tough.

“Hardest part is a parent is just getting the kids acclimated back to going to bed early and a routine of things for school,” he said.

Grandparent Sherry Hayes, also of Southaven, said this year is especially new for her grandkids.

“I’m a little nervous because we have one that will be a freshman and one that is going in to third grade, and the one that is a freshman Is a little bit nervous,” she said.

Teachers, meanwhile, have been back on campus for some time, preparing and training for the new school year.

Superintendent Uselton said, “Our teachers work nonstop and even though they have the summer months off, a lot of them are working in the summer months getting ready for this. We have training in the summer months for our teachers.”

Uselton said the new school year starts on a Thursday and Friday each year in order to iron out any bumps in the system before a full week begins.