South Memphis residents say trash pileup causes rodents

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Piles of scattered trash litter one street in the South Memphis community.

Residents there said they’ve reached out multiple times for solutions, but the trash still remains in the 600 block of Jennette Place.

One resident, who chose to remain anonymous, said she’s lived near Jennette Place Apartments for 17 years.

She told FOX13′s reporter Lakiya Scott, she recently paid hundreds of dollars for pest control to rid her home of rats caused by the nearby trash.

She said she’s called 311, has even sent emails to the mayor’s office, and reached out to the health department in the past.

“Totally unacceptable,” said Jennette Place tenant Daryle Brown.

Residents told FOX13 they are fed up and tired of waking up to a trash-covered neighborhood street.

“Because you live in the ghetto, you ain’t got to live like the ghetto,” a nearby homeowner told us anonymously.

Neighbors complain that the trash is inviting unwanted guests—rats and raccoons.

“They don’t care if rats run through the place,” said Brown.

Back in Dec., a resident sent in a video that showed the trash getting out of control, and being carried into the street by rain and flooding.

The resident can be heard narrating over the video, “Trash hasn’t been picked up in these apartments on Jennette Place in months.”

“We have nowhere to put our trash. There should be bigger containers,” said Brown. “My problem is with, who’s supposed to pick it up.”

FOX13 reached out to the City of Memphis who told us the earliest they can get an area supervisor out to inspect the location is Jan. 17, as Jan. 16 is a holiday.

“You won’t go in Germantown and see this. It’s just South Memphis.”