Snowy, slick roads impacting travel for Mid-South drivers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Snow and ice made travel questionable for Mid-South drivers on Friday but some folks hit the roads, anyway.

FOX13 spent the day on the road to see what conditions were like while talking to drivers about whether or not they were heading out. The areas that were super slick included parking lots and neighborhoods with little traffic.

”Trying to head to comfort and safety,” said Cameron Keaton, of Cleveland, Miss. “My truck did a full 360 trying to leave the Love’s truck stop parking lot not too long ago. It’s slippery and dangerous out.”

Keaton came to Memphis to visit a friend. After he spun out, he took a break before hitting the road again.

“I’m not trying to go too far on this road, like I said, after doing a 360 that gave me a fright,” he said. “So I am just trying to get to the nearest location until it thaws out a bit more.”

Shaded areas of some roadways appeared to not have thawed, while streets in a lot of Mid-South neighborhoods remained icy throughout the day.

But well-traveled roads and interstates were mostly cleared with a few icy patches.

On Friday, Tim Berry was traveling from Jonesboro to Atlanta to see family.

”I haven’t seen any wrecks or anything,” he said. “Everyone has been courteous. It’s all good, no problems from Jonesboro to here.”

Antonio Hoover, of Memphis, said that he didn’t like what he saw on the roads.

”I should have stayed home, put it like that,” he said, “but you gotta do what you gotta do and I had to go to work today.”