Rise in burglaries could shut down Walmart stores, CEO says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Walmart in Whitehaven is a staple in the community, offering all the basic necessities: food, clothes, even jobs.

But with the good, comes the bad, such as thefts.

A recent video shows more than 20 people breaking into the Walmart in Whitehaven.

According to police, getting away with nearly $8,000 worth of merchandise last month.

“If that’s not corrected over time, prices will be higher and/or stores will close,” said Doug McMillon, the Walmart CEO.

McMillon said in an interview this week that this could be the solution if the growing issue of theft is not addressed.

“This would be a hard hit if they chose to close this Walmart,” said Patrice Robinson, a Memphis City Councilwoman. “We are doing all we can as city council and police department to come up with ways to keep our citizens in line.”

Robinson said that criminals are driving away businesses.

She said that it’s time to act.

”Our young people need to know their actions have consequences, and those consequences can be more than a slap on the hand,” Robinson said. “But it could impact their entire community for years to come.”

Consequences that could fall on the shoulders of people like Alvin Addison, a Walmart shopper.

“It would hurt them bad, but I understand if thy are getting a lot of stuff stolen,” Addison said. “They don’t have much choice.”