New Year revelers flock to North Mississippi for wider selection of fireworks

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — 2022 is almost over and people are starting to think of their New Year’s resolutions, but many are also thinking about blowing things up.

Because of legal restrictions, many fireworks not available for sale in Memphis can be found across the Mississippi border in DeSoto County.

Fireworks also can’t legally be shot in Memphis or many cities in the FOX13 viewing area. Before lighting fireworks, be sure to check your local city and county ordinances.

FOX13 got a look at some of the products available at Boom City fireworks in Southaven and heard from shoppers about their plans to start the new year with a bang.

“A lot of guys come in here and it’s like a kid in a candy store,” Greg Abernathy, the manager of Boom City, said. “This is a fun place to come shopping for a lot of guys.”

Abernathy said he has seen a slow trickle of shoppers all week as people waited to get a better idea of the weather for New Year’s Eve, but as that outlook improved, people began to stock up.

“We have had one person come in and get two grocery carts full of stuff,” he said. “They were just going to blow it all up and just getting really excited for the new year, I guess.”

Though Boom City carries everything from $5 rockets to $500 mortar packs with names like The Epic Arsenal. Abernathy said the best seller is the $70 Man Cave.

“It’s one of those cakes where you light the box and get back,” he said. “36 shots. Real fast-paced, hard-hitting, rattle-the-windows-in-the-house type stuff.”

Shoppers Dana and Brian Schultz settled on the “Man Cave” and said they were excited to enjoy their first fireworks-filled New Year’s since moving to Mississippi from the West Coast.

“You would not be able to do this in California,” Brian Schultz said. “Legally, anyway. We get to enjoy it legally for the first time.”

They said they will be shooting the firework off with their friends and family after taking proper safety precautions.

“We have a fairly sizable lot, so we can put it in the backyard and no one will be within 200 feet of it,” Brian Schultz said.

“Always have a bucket of water,” Dana Schultz added.

Shoppers who traveled from Memphis like Sherman Williams said it was worth the trip across the state line to get access to the wider selection of fireworks offered in Mississippi.

“I might grab one more thing, but I’m not going to go too big,” Williams said. “It’s not the Fourth of July yet.”

Abernathy said Boom City may stay open as late as Midnight on New Year’s Eve or until products are sold out.