New details about the MPD officer hurt in East Memphis library shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police Officer Geoffrey Redd continues to fight for his life at Regional One Hospital.

He is in critical condition a day after police said a man shot him Thursday at an East Memphis library.

Officer Redd led security for Greater Community Temple Church of God in Christ.

He has a lot of people behind him, including his pastor l, praying he pulls through and makes a full recovery.

“He is someone who has been putting his life on the line for us, and we can take some time now to pray for him,” said Bishop Brandon B. Porter Sr., Greater Community Temple.

Bishop Brandon Porter and Greater Community Temple are leading the prayers for Memphis Police Officer Geoffrey Redd after he was shot Thursday afternoon.

“Officer Redd was training an officer while he was on duty,” said Redd.

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Investigators said Redd and the other officer were responding to a trespassing complaint from a business near the Poplar White Station library.

Investigators said Redd and the other officer were responding to a trespassing complaint from a business near the Poplar-White Station Library just after noon Thursday.

FOX13 was told they confronted this man, 28-year-old Torrence Jackson Jr, inside the library.

Jackson allegedly shot Redd in the head and the other officer returned fire killing Jackson.

“What touched me when I walked into the family room at the hospital, was the mayor was there, the police chief, her assistant Chief Crowe was there and others. Though, I’m coming to pray, do you know what I sensed? That prayer had already taken place,” said Porter.

Bishop Porter said Officer Redd became a member of his church four years ago, then began offering security to the congregation.

Porter said Redd even met his wife at the church.

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“He got married to one of our counselors in the church in September. I thought he was just getting counseling. I didn’t know he was making haha,” said Porter.

Bishop Porter has faith Officer Redd would pull through as he has once before. Porter said he was hit by a passing vehicle while conducting a traffic stop.

“An ongoing car hit him, catapulted him in the air, he landed face first, almost lost his eyesight. He had to learn to walk again. And what does he do? Go right back to work for the police department.

So, it shows you the kind of giving heart he has,” said Porter.