Neighbors describe scene the night of Tyre Nichols’ arrest

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — After Tyre Nichols’ parents and their attorneys discussed viewing the footage of the incident that led to his death Monday afternoon, some details are becoming clearer.

Nichols’ parents said the incident took place just yards from their home, whereas MPD had reported the confrontation happened at the intersection of Ross and Raines.

According to neighbors, the confrontation ended directly under a Skycop camera on Castlegate Lane, one of the cameras around the neighborhood that could have captured the incident.

Many neighbors still don’t have the full picture of what happened that night. Some saw police lights or cars, some heard yelling and some were visited by investigators.

One neighbor told FOX13 that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation knocked on her door the morning after the confrontation.

“Early in the morning, they showed up and were asking if I had heard or seen anything about the incident that happened the previous day. I didn’t know anything until I saw it on the news,” she said. “To hear that they just beat him senseless. What was the reason? There is no justifiable reason for you to put your hands on someone that is defenseless against five of you.”

Nichols’ parents say he was caught and injured only a few doors away from their home.

Another neighbor told FOX13 she saw the police activity, but did not connect it to Nichols’ death until the news coverage on the case amped up.

“All of a sudden, I saw police lights flashing through my window and I went to the window to see what was happening. I saw the lights but I didn’t see any police cars, so it must have been further up the street,” she said. “I feel bad that the police went to that extreme to apprehend somebody. I feel like it’s totally unnecessary. You see it nationwide, but I never thought it would happen right outside my house.”

Some Castlegate residents recalled seeing three unmarked police cars in the neighborhood at around 9 p.m. the day of the incident. Other neighbors used to see Nichols walking around the neighborhood regularly.

Many of the houses in the neighborhood have security cameras and it is possible they could have captured footage of the confrontation as well.