Nearly 19,000 MLGW customers have not received a bill for months

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Not having to pay a utility bill for months sounds like a good thing.

But it’s become a hassle for thousands of Memphis Light Gas and Water customers.

Nearly 19,000 MLGW customers are demanding for answers after not receiving a bill for months.

Those thousands of customers now trying to figure out how much they’ll have to pay and when.

“So it’s February 13, 2023, do you know when we are going to get a bill,” said MLGW customer Traynor Jennings III.

It’s a question thousands of MLGW customers are wondering.

Jennings III told FOX13 that the last time MLGW performed a digital read on his water and gas meter was Nov. 15.

“We got two letters in the mail. It basically said they are still working out what our bill would be and please provide some type of payment. That is all we got,” said Jennings III.

But what is causing the delay?

MLGW installed smart and non-smart meters that read electric information for monthly billings.

Timothy Davis, the company’s vice president and chief operating officer said during an MLGW board meeting Friday that water from December’s winter storm has gotten into digital meters.

He said the meters are reading too much consumption while others are reading non-consumption.

MLGW said 6,000 water meters and 7,800 gas meters need replacement parts.

“There has to be something where they can give these families a 12-month no interest payment. You can’t expect these families to pay this big note all of a sudden and demand a payment. That is just unfair,” said Jennings III.

MLGW told FOX13 instead of not sending a bill to customers with a zero reading, they’re sending a “conservative estimate” based on prior usage.

The utility company also said they’ve been working with suppliers to replace their broken repair parts.

MLGW customers are expected to see delayed bills starting Monday.