Narcan, used to reverse opioids overdose, now available in Mississippi for free

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — Almost 600 people died from drug overdoses in Mississippi in 2021.

About 75% of those overdoses were caused by opioids.

FOX13 learned that the state is starting a new program to try to reverse that trend by giving out noloxone, also known as Narcan, for free.

First responders talked about the value of Narcan being issued by the state.

“The important thing is the quicker someone can get the naloxone, the better the chance of surviving,” said Glenda Garcia, an EMS captain with the Olive Branch Fire Department. “The narcotics they use it to treat are going to suppress your respiratory system, so when that happens, within minutes, your heart is going to stop.”

The captain shared details about how Narcan works.

”What that does is that reverses the effects of the narcotics and gets your respiratory system back up where it needs to be,” she said.

Under a new Mississippi State Department of Health program, residents can get Narcan for free.

You just have to log onto the state website, answer a few questions and watch a training video.

The department can mail the Narcan kit to those interested.

A voucher available for download can be used at a pharmacy.

”We also want to remind people that Good Samaritan Act that was passed years ago in Mississippi allows you to not fear prosecution for an overdose victim.” said Sgt. Chance Henderson, a narcotics investigator with the Olive Branch Police Department.

Stacy Dodd, who works for drug treatment facility Vertava Health in Southaven, said that the initiative should save lives.

”We want the community to keep in mind that the need for Narcan is an indicator that we need to get these individuals in for treatment as soon as possible.” Dodd said.

To apply for the free Narcan, visit