NAACP introduces Tyre Nichols Criminal Justice Reform Bill

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — ‘Justice for Tyre’ continues to be the prominent theme following the brutal beating and death of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols.

The conference took place on Jan. 29 at 4 p.m., at the NAACP Memphis office on Vance Road.

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Tennessee NAACP State Conference President Gloria Sweet-Love and Memphis Branch NAACP President Van Turner, Jr. met with other NAACP leaders to share their perspectives on the videos released on the attack of Tyre Nichols.

“The blood of Black America is on your hands,” said Tennessee NAACP President Gloria Sweet-Love.

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Leaders are demanding long-term changes to how policing is done, calling for more than just reform, but criminal justice in the way of new laws.

“What we witnessed in real-time and on film was not only incomprehensible but also unconscionable,” said Pastor Gina Stewart of Christ Missionary Baptist Church.

Memphis Van Turner introduced plans to create the “Tyre Nichols Criminal Justice Reform Bill”.

“If you were an officer or a first responder and you sat there and watched this young man die, and you did nothing to help resuscitate him, you did nothing to give him aid, you are just as culpable as the people who beat him down and killed him,” Van Turner said.

The bill, once created and if passed, would eliminate what leaders refer to today as a “culture of terror”.

This bill would also protect others from dying under questionable circumstances at the hands of law enforcement.

“By failing to craft and pass bills to stop police brutality, you are writing another black man’s obituary. What we witnessed in real-time and on film was not only incomprehensible but also unconscionable,” Van Turner said.

The NAACP is asking for all involved in the death of Nichols to be terminated.

“It was just as bad to watch Tyre Nichols slumped down, picked up, slumped down again, picked up and die and you didn’t render him any first aid,” said Turner. According to Turner, the Tyre Nichols Criminal Reform Bill has already been filed. Like protesters, the NAACP is also asking for the deactivation of other MPD units like the gang and organized crime units.

The group also called out first responders on the scene who may have failed to respond appropriately.

“This is justice for Tyre and that bill would feature teeth and it would feature true consequences if you don’t intervene. We do not need to let Tyre Nichols death be in vain. We need a bill passed and we call on Governor Bill Lee, we call on the Tennessee General Assembly to pass the Tyre Nichols Criminal Justice Reform bill,” Van Turner said.