MSCS planning to build new high school and transfer two additional schools

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County Commissioners are torn on the so-called ‘3G Deal’.

But ultimately it passed.

A brand new school is one step closer to coming to Cordova.

While the city of Germantown may receive two schools they fought for.

The county approved $77.5 million to go toward building a brand-new high school in Cordova.

The deal was reached after a state law was set to go into effect on the first of Jan. allowing the three Germantown schools to become the property of the city of Germantown.

On Dec. 12, Germantown leaders unanimously approved it.

But the vote was not unanimous for Shelby County Commissioners.

Eight commissioners voted in favor of the plan, while five voted against it.

A major concern: where the money will come from.

“Commitment action is not equivalent to specific funding sources, which we have still not identified,” said Edmund Ford Jr. - (D) Shelby County Commission.

“This is a money grab. It’s not about the children. And it’s a money grab for Memphis Shelby County Schools,” said Amber Mills, (R) Shelby County Commission.

“This was our opportunity to move things forward and again keep things out of court,” said Charlie Caswell, Shelby County Commission.

“You can focus on hindsight and focus on the past, but the reality of it is we are where we are. If we can get four to five entities to get on the same page to talk about doing what is best for kids and doing right by families. That was my yes,” said Miska Clay-Bibbs, Shelby County Commission.

Tomorrow, Germantown and MSCS school boards are scheduled to vote on this.