Mississippi town prepares for ‘Dickens of A Christmas’ tradition

HERNANDO, Miss. — Some folks don’t like putting the tree up early and getting off to an early celebration of Christmas.

But if you live in Hernando Miss., you’re out for an early Christmas celebration, and the weather is going to be just perfect for it this weekend’s Dickens of a Christmas celebration.

They’ve had the Dickens of A Christmas celebration for 30 years.

It’s on Nov. 12, and we’re going to go from sweating to the weather feeling like an early Christmas.

”Oh this weekend it will be we’re supposed to have a dip in the temperatures and it will be delightful in the air,” Gia Matheny said.

Matheny said the city has already checked all the Christmas lights on the square.

They are ready to go for this weekend’s Dickens of a Christmas Celebration.

”We went through a final check on the lights and they are up a little early this year because we want this to be a fun event,” Matheny said.

All the storefronts and light poles have been decorated with Christmas decorations.

There will even be snow on the courtside steps, courtesy of a snow machine.

”Yes, it will be snowing on the courthouse steps and it will be a great place for you to take a great family photo and to use that as your Christmas photo,” Matheny said.

And the icing on it all, Panola Street just South of the Square, will be closed off and you can skate for $10.

”We will not be sweating on Saturday, it will definitely be feeling like Christmas this weekend,” Matheny said.