Mid-South shoppers rush to wrap up Christmas before lethal cold moves in

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — The timing of the winter weather moving in later this week is making shopping centers and grocery stores extra busy.

As FOX13 learned, it caused some to put a serious move trying to get it all done quickly.

Folks out for gifts were also buying bread, milk and eggs for Christmas dinner because they were freaking out about lethal cold in this week’s forecast.

”I am just trying to get it all done today because I am not coming back out, ” Lisa Wendt, of Walls, said, laughing.

Parking lots of grocery and big-box stores and shopping malls were slammed by mid-morning Monday.

Wendt said that all the shopping was overwhelming for her as she tried to get it all done before winter weather comes in later this week.

”It is chaotic,” she said. “I went shopping on Friday and I had a panic attack in the store.”

Emily Bell, of Memphis, was out Monday getting groceries and said that she was just rolling with it.

”It has been fun,” Bell said. “Just not letting the hustle and bustle get to me and remembering why we celebrate the season.”

In the meantime, the biggest problem with getting it all done in time may be finding a parking spot.

Early in the day Monday, the nearest spots available in most parking lots were on the outer edges.

”It is too much because I can’t even find a parking spot right now, and I have been down four aisles,” Wendt said.