Mid-South church feeds neighborhood in need in South Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One Mid-South church is getting food to those in need in our community.

The church partnered with the Mid-South Food Bank to distribute food to people who live in the 38126 zip code, an area of South Memphis.

The median household income there is less than $15,000.

Parishioners with the Life of Liberty Church, along with other volunteers, gathered on a recent Saturday morning to feed residents in need.

Organizer Belynda Terry first created a soup kitchen seven years ago at the church, and quickly realized she needed help.

“There are hungry people in Shelby County,” she said. “I found out the Mid-South Food Bank could actually support our vision, so I applied to be a partner agency, and here we are.”

Terry said the food bank dropped off over 10,000 pounds of food.

“It was meats, it was produce and a few snacks as well,” she said. “Even with 10,000 pounds of food for this community, the need continues.”

Every month, donations allow the church to feed over 500 families in the community.

“Inflation is rising, people are living in hotels,” Terry explained. “They can’t afford rent or mortgage, so it’s getting worse.”

She said the area still hasn’t recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, and said they’ve given out over 100,000 pounds of food more than normal.

Each month, volunteers come to the church to bag up food for people who could go hungry without it.

One volunteer, Brenda Garner, said recipients can receive healthy food like fruits and vegetables.