Memphis drivers push for traffic light at dangerous intersection after a child is killed in a crash

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Many drivers who travel along Walnut Grove Road in Cordova told FOX13 that the intersection at Walnut Grove Road and Timber Creek Drive is dangerous. Tuesday night, Memphis police responded to a two-car crash at this intersection. MPD said an adult was taken to the hospital and a juvenile was killed in the crash.

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Drivers told FOX13 that accidents happen all the time at this intersection. Dennis Cupp co-owns a business along Walnut Grove Road. Cupp said that both he and his employees see a lot.

“We know the sound of them. It sounds like a cannon boom,” said Cupp. “These cars literally go through here 70, 80 miles an hour.”

Memphis driver Tony McKinnon told FOX13 that he sees people speeding all the time along Walnut Grove.

“You have to take precautions, don’t speed, but some people are in a hurry in the morning,” said McKinnon.

Cupp and McKinnon are asking for the City of Memphis to find a solution to the growing problem of severe and deadly crashes they say happen all the time at Walnut Grove and Timber Creek Drive.

Many drivers remember the deadly accident that happened in June of 2021. Memphis Police said an off-duty MPD officer was driving more than 100 miles per hour along Walnut Grove and hit a car. A 42-year-old and a 19-year-old were killed in that crash.

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FOX13 asked drivers what they feel would be a good solution.

“I think a stop sign or light needs to be put up here because there’s been, you know, different accidents, death, and tragedy,” said McKinnon.

Cupp also told FOX13 a traffic light should be installed to slow traffic down.

This is an issue FOX13 has investigated before. In 2017, FOX13 received a letter from the City of Memphis that stated a traffic light was planned for the Walnut Grove and Timber Creek Drive intersection, city leaders just needed funding.

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Five years later, a traffic light has not been installed. FOX13 is working to figure out if the city ever received the funding or if city leaders are still seeking funding for the project.

For now, Cupp told FOX13 there are too many factors that make Walnut Grove dangerous to drivers.

“You’ve got this exit right here, that turn right there, you’ve got that and you have all this traffic. It’s the perfect storm,” said Cupp.