Light Garden in Olive Branch brings holiday joy

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — Tractor trailer loads of lights and more have been rolled into Olive Branch City Park over the last few weeks to get ready for one of the biggest light shows in the Mid-South.

The new Light Garden officially opened Tuesday night.

”It is going to be fantastic at night,” Deadrick Bowles of Olive Branch said. “It’s lights everywhere you look, even up in the trees they are lit up at night. It’s going to be wonderful.”

PHOTOS: Olive Branch Holiday Light Garden

Bowles said that he already got his tickets for the Light Garden.

To get the park ready for the new event, North Central Power and Desoto Electric donated $75,000 of new outlets and wiring.

Six tractor trailer loads of lights and displays were brought in.

Olive Branch has never had a light show like this.

”It is Christmas. It is supposed to be special and it is supposed to be sparkly and shiny and make everybody happy,” said Sally Hermsdorfer of Olive Branch.

There are lights around the lake in the City Park, with many of the displays dwarfing people walking by.

The light show is open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Light Garden is a walkthrough show that can take from 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

”It’s awesome. My son loves it, he’s ready to see it when it lights up. It’s something different you get to walk through and kind of enjoy it,” said Blake Burk of Olive Branch.

Tickets cost $15.