Kroger mass shooting: Lawsuit describes group hiding near dumpster as gunman closed in

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — FOX13 Investigates has uncovered two new federal lawsuits blaming Kroger for last year’s mass shooting that killed a Mid-South mother and injured 12 others.

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An employee previously filed a lawsuit in Sept.

One of the lawsuits paints a horrifying picture of what it was like to be in the store that day, and each of the victims filing was hit by gunfire despite hiding near a dumpster as the sound of gunfire echoed through the store.

That lawsuit was filed by a married couple, “Joseph and Linda Ashe,” and describes that exact scenario.

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Eventually, after hiding, they were discovered by the gunman and each injured by gunfire, according to the lawsuit. They survived their injuries.

A second lawsuit uncovered by FOX13 Investigates was filed by “Linda Archibald,” an employee who was shot during the chaos.

Archibald asked for $10 million in damages, alleging she’s endured physical and emotional pain and suffering.

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The other, filed by the married couple, asks for damages to be determined by a jury.

They both make similar arguments as the one filed by in Sept. by Mariko Jenkins the day before the one-year anniversary of the shooting.

All three lawsuits claim Kroger and the company that owned the sushi stand where the gunman worked “knew or should have known” about his history of what they call “volatile behavior,” saying both companies failed to provide the security needed to stop the shooting from happening.

A spokesperson for Kroger said the company does not comment on pending litigation.