How to protect your pipes ahead of freezing temperatures

Memphis, Tenn. — With a couple of nights of below freezing temperatures on the horizon, Sam Mullins, the Automatic Air Conditioning Heating and Plumbing in Memphis, is bracing for an influx calls to repair busted pipes.

“Freezing  water expands. If there is no where for it to expand because the rest of the pipes are full of water, it expands breaks a pipe. Mullins says there are ways to prevent this from happening.

“Your hose bibs. That is what we call them. Get covers for those. You can get those at any Home Depot’s,” said Mullins.

Not only does Mullins suggests insulating your pipes with foam, but also running your faucet to keep from freezing.

“If it happens. There are sensors you can put into your home that will automatically cut it off if it senses a leak,” said Mullins.