Highly-decorated police K-9 dies: Southaven Police

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Mag, a 12-year-old retired service dog with the Southaven Police Department (SPD), died Feb. 10, according to the force’s official Facebook page.

A Belgian Malinois, the service dog was the SPD’s designated patrol and explosive detection K-9 from 2011-2016, where Mag earned a impressive decorations for skill and contributions.

Mag, according to SFP, helped apprehend numerous criminals and was relied on for handling explosive sweeps at the University of Mississippi, and when called, for other law enforcement agencies.

Competitively, Mag placed first overall in Patrol and 1st in Area Search during competition in 2012 and placed 2nd overall in Explosive Vehicle Detection in 2016 during the American Working Dog K-9 Olympics held in Denver, Ind.

Mag spent his retirement in the home with his former handler and family.