Hero comes forward after video shows him saving woman from kidnapping in Germantown

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For days, the video told the story of an attempted kidnapping of a woman at Saddle Creek shopping center in Germantown.

But there are new, key details as FOX13 News spoke to the man many people are calling a hero.

It’s largely because of him the woman made it to safety. It happened Dec. 30 at 7:35 p.m., according to a Germantown Police Department report obtained by FOX13 News.

Moments after the attack happened, stricken with terror, those involved — the victim, a bystander and the hero who spoke to FOX13 — huddled in a nearby store with the doors closed and locked while they waited for police to arrive, the man said.

The attack happened in a matter of seconds when a seemingly mundane moment quickly turned to terror as the woman circled her car to get inside, according to surveillance video of the incident. From the car next to hers, a man emerged, grabbing her as he attempted to wrestle her into his car.

Seconds into the terrifying attack, a man ran into frame extending a handgun, which allowed precious moments for the woman to escape to safety.

The 44-second, silent video has circulated online for days, and the hero involved has remained silent until now.

“I reacted quickly,” the man said in a phone.

The man agreed to break his silence, asking that his voice be altered in an interview, and his name not be shared in fear of retaliation. He said he was there shopping and that his reaction was a matter of instinct.

He has been a permitted gun carrier for years, he said.

“We hear[d] screaming which quickly turn[ed] into (calls for) help,” the man said.

“I do remember understanding, clearly in my mind, a woman is being assaulted,” he said. “When I heard that, I ran out there and began yelling something like ‘get away’ or ‘get out of here.’”

He said after he intervened, the woman ran to safety, that a woman was standing nearby.

Surveillance video showed two men, the one who had grabbed the woman, and another man who had gotten into the backseat of her car, jump back into their car before it drove forward, hitting a bush and then backed up and drove away.

The report listed the car driven by the suspects as a Ford Fusion. All three suspects are men, according to the report.

Asked if he thought of himself as a hero, the man said he has been referred to as such but “it feels weird.”

“You kind of hate to have to live thinking about defending yourself … unfortunately, that’s just not the world we’re in.”

The report listed expected charges as aggravated kidnapping.

An associate of the victim declined comment and asked the victim’s need for space and privacy be respected.