Helping students transition back to in-person learning

MID-SOUTH — With the start of the new school year, students are preparing to return to in-person learning after going virtual amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

After going to school online for the better part of a year, transitioning back into the classrooms could bring some challenges.

FOX13 researched the best ways for making the transition as easy as possible.

First, remember to be flexible. Schools are working to navigate the changing landscape of helping students learn and keeping them safe during a pandemic.

Expect some changes to school routines with new protocols in place. Schools may have new rules students won’t be familiar with.

Encourage them to stay calm and follow any new guidelines.

Both students and parents should start preparing for the transition in advance. Talk about how in-person learning will be different from virtual learning and how your child may feel about it.

Talk about how they can work through new situations and solve potential problems.

Reiterate the importance of health and safety and being mindful of others. Students may have to wear masks and wash their hands more frequently. Parents can help by modeling good hygiene behaviors at home.

Parents and teachers can help reduce kids’ anxiety about returning to the classroom by setting realistic expectations and allowing students some time to adapt.

Parents should stay connected with teachers and staff. Communicate frequently about students’ progress and any concerns you may have. Encourage your child to do the same.

Keep kids equipped with virtual tools and technology. Some students will use hybrid learning models.

Lastly, stay positive! Remind students (and yourself) that we’re all in this together.