FOX13′s Renter’s Resource Guide

MID-SOUTH — Home ownership is down. Rent is up. Affordable housing is becoming harder and harder to find and the Mid-South is in the middle of a housing crisis. That’s why FOX13 has compiled this resource guide, helping you navigate renters’ rights, help for those experiencing homelessness or evictions and assistance available for rent and utilities.

Resources are available for renters in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.

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One of the hardest tasks can be finding an affordable place in a safe area.

Renters can utilize social media, networking and common rental listing websites for help.

Here are some ways you can save money on renting:

1. Know your budget.

2. Apply for any available housing assistance programs.

3. Split bills with a roommate.

4. Use a referral service or broker.

5. Speak with your landlord about any possible negotiations to reduce rent.

Other tips include exploring subletting arrangements, visiting multiple neighborhoods in person and looking for efficiency units if you don’t need much space.

Many apartment communities run leasing specials, such as no deposit or half-off the first month. Make sure to ask about those deals and get them in writing.

Find A Place For Rent

Here’s a list of 16 property management companies in the Mid-South that have properties for rent.

Craigslist has listings for apartments and homes for rent:

- Memphis

- North Mississippi

- Arkansas

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Renter’s Rights

Landlord and Tenant Act Laws Explained

Fair Housing Act

Tennessee Fair Housing

Landlord-Tenant Law in Mississippi

Landlord and Tenant Rights Arkansas

Help Paying Rent and Utilities

Memphis and Shelby County Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance Program

MLGW Assistance Programs

Mississippi Emergency Rental Assistance

Arkansas Emergency Solutions Grant Program

Evictions Help

MICAH - (901) 249-0544;

Shelby County Housing Department - (901) 222-7600 - 1075 Mullins Station Rd, Memphis, TN 38134

Memphis Housing Authority - (901) 544-1100 - 700 Adams Ave., Memphis, TN 38103

HER Faith Ministries - (901) 324-3705 - 3396 Park Ave., Memphis, TN 38111


Arkansas Fresh Start - (855) 987-9870

Mississippi Center for Justice

Legal Assistance

Memphis Area Legal Services - (901) 523-8822 - 22 N. Front St., 11th Floor Memphis, TN 38103

Memphis Public Interest Law Center - They’ve created The Housing Project, a renter-centered response to the housing crisis. Their help hotline is 1-833-7RENTER (1-833-773-6837).

Community Legal Center - (901) 543-3395 - 243 Adams Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103 - (901)-527-3573 - 145 Court Ave. Suite 301, Memphis, TN 38103

West Tennessee Legal Services - (731) 423-0616

2nd Saturday Legal Aid Clinic

Center for Arkansas Legal Services - (501) 376-3423

North Mississippi Rural Legal Services - (800) 498-1804

Help for Homelessness

Shelby County Community Services Agency - (901) 222-4281 - 3772 South Hickory Ridge Mall #516, Memphis, TN 38115

Memphis Interfaith Association (901) 527-0208 - 910 Vance Ave, Memphis, TN 38126

Community Alliance for the Homeless (901) 527-1302 - 44 N Second Street, 3rd Floor, Memphis, TN 38103

Hospitality Hub (901) 522-1808 - 82 N. Second St., Memphis, TN 38103

Porter Leath Children’s Center (emergency shelter for children) - (901) 577-2500 - 868 N. Manassas, Memphis, TN 38103

Memphis Union Mission (901) 526-8403 - 383 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN 38103

Calvary Rescue Missions (901) 775-2570 - 960 S 3rd St, Memphis, TN 38106

Dorothy Day House (901) 726-6760 - 1429 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38104

Darkness II Light Homeless Shelter (901) 585-8657 - 1596 Hope St., Memphis, TN 38111

Door of Hope Memphis - 245 N Bellevue Blvd, Memphis, TN 38105


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