FOX13 Investigates: Most dangerous intersections in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — From reckless drivers to super speeders to distracted drivers, it is almost impossible to avoid dangerous drivers in Memphis.

According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, Shelby County had 124 deadly crashes during the first seven months of 2022.

FOX13 Investigates obtained information from Memphis police that lists the most dangerous intersections in the city for 2021.

More than 500 crashes happened at those intersections in total.

According to the Memphis Police Department, these were the most dangerous intersections for 2021, and how many crashes happened at those intersections.

  • Winchester & Riverdale — 203.
  • Riverdale & Shelby — 169.
  • Winchester & Germantown — 120.
  • Winchester & Plough — 120.
  • Winchester & Kirby Parkway — 120.

Winchester Road appears to be a hotspot for crashes, with four intersections along the road deemed dangerous.

FOX13 shared these numbers with several drivers, who said they weren’t surprised.

Mark Siggers tells FOX13 he drives through Winchester Road and Germantown Road every day.

“I live a couple blocks away. I’m through this intersection every day. I’ve had a couple of close calls myself,” said Siggers.

Shionna Wright, a Memphis driver, tells FOX13 she sees reckless drivers all the time.

“They’re honestly being crash dummies with these new cars, and all I want to say is slow down,” said Wright.

FOX13 asked Memphis police how the department marks an intersection as dangerous. Col. Marcus Worthy with MPD says it’s based on how many crashes, fatal or not, have happened at the intersection. Worthy told FOX13 that the severity of the crashes is getting worse each year.

“That’s due to the fact that individuals are going faster, not paying attention. So, the impact is, there is a greater impact because they’re not braking for the impact,” said Worthy. “Two cars going 35 miles per hour in opposite directions, that’s about 70 mile-per-hour impact.”

Worthy also mentioned that a lot of drivers are not being patient while waiting at red lights.

“They want to take off as soon as the light turns green, they want to take off and burn rubber when somebody else is not paying attention, and some people deliberately run the lights,” said Worthy.

It’s not just an issue in Memphis. Shelby County is also dealing with a similar problem. According to information FOX13 obtained from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, this is the list of intersections the sheriff’s office deemed dangerous for 2021.

  • Hacks Cross Road & South Lowrance Road — 39.
  • Bill Morris Parkway & West Hacks Cross Road — 17.
  • Bill Morris Parkway & East Hacks Cross Road - 16.
  • Bill Morris Parkway & West Forest Hill Irene Road - 16.
  • Hacks Cross Road & North Lowrance Road - 15.

The intersection of Hacks Cross Road and South Lowrance Road also appeared in a similar investigation FOX13 conducted back in 2015.

When asked how Memphis police can make the roads safer, Worthy told FOX13 it starts with the drivers.

“Drivers need to be not distracted, not on their phones. Paying attention to their surroundings,” said Worthy.

Worthy also told FOX13 that he believes adding more officers to patrol the streets can make them safer.

FOX13 asked if MPD has enough officers to do that right now. Worthy says they are working on that.

At the end of June, MPD graduated 70 new officers from the police academy. According to the department, another class is slated to graduate in December.