Fight outside Cordova restaurant leads to double hit-and-run

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “Fighting with a vehicle is not smart.”

It was an after-party fight.

That’s what usually happens in situations like that.

They wait until the club closes,” said Eugene Sanders, Cordova.

And that is exactly what Jason King, the owner of Mugshots New Bar and Grill, said that it happened early Sunday morning after they closed.

“We had been closed for at least 30 minutes preparing for the next day, and we heard a commotion. Then security went out there to see what was going on,” said Jason King, Mugshots.

That commotion, the owner said he later learned, was a fight.

In the video, you see a woman hit by a dark-colored Mercedes.

She slides off the hood as the driver shifts into reverse.

The woman struck then repeatedly hits the driver’s window.

That woman walks off, and the driver speeds out of the parking lot.

It was probably collateral damage, trying to get out of there,” said Eugene Sanders, Cordova.

The bar’s owner said police presence on-site during closing time would help prevent situations like this.

”We have a lot of people hanging out in the lot. We would like to have a police presence, so this doesn’t happen again,” said Jason King, Mugshots Owner.

Despite everything that unfolded and was caught on camera, Memphis police said they did not receive a report about what happened early Sunday.