Family, school remember children on 3rd anniversary of their shooting deaths

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Friday marked three years since 16-year-old Lequan Boyd and his niece, six-year-old Ashlynn Luckett, were fatally shot inside their home in Hickory Hill. The people responsible have still not faced justice.

The school system those children attended honored their memories Friday night at halftime of the Collierville High School girls’ basketball game.

“Once a Dragon, always a Dragon,” the announcer said during the presentation.

Pictures of Boyd and Luckett were put up on the gym’s jumbotron and their family was presented with a check to go toward reward money to catch the killers.

The team wore T-shirts with the letters “LLQ” and “LLA” printed on them, which stood for “Long Live Quan” and “Long Live Ashlynn.”

“Lequan brought light into the rooms he entered and touched every person he came in contact with,” the announcer said. “Ashlynn had a smile that could light up the sky.”

Annie Paige, a relative of the children, said the wait for answers has been difficult for the family.

“I know that her mom, her grandmother, her daddy, Quan’s mom, they miss them so,” she said. “It’s hard for them right now, and it’s been hard for the last three years.”

She said she was shocked when she learned what had happened to the children.

“I was at home and I learned overnight what had happened. My heart just sank,” she said. “It just sank, because Ashlynn was my girl. And so was Quan, he was my boy, but Ashlynn was my heart.”

She said she had a special relationship with Ashlynn, and recalled loving on her every time she would come visit her at work.

“I would always have to run her down to get sugar and a hug. Once I’d get it, I’d say, ‘Oh my goodness, you just made my day.’” she said. “That would put a smile on her face like I don’t know what. It made her day as well. I miss that.”

She said as time passes, she tries to remind her family to focus on the positive memories of the children and not the loss.

“I always tell them, don’t think about the bad things, think about the good things,” Paige said. “Think about the smiles they had on their faces.”

She said it meant a lot to the family to see that the community still remembers the children and is still willing to support the family.

“You know they are up in heaven looking down on us smiling, looking at all the support,” Paige said.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to reach out to CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.