Family mourns after 6-year-old boy’s murder in Arkansas

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We continue to follow developments after the remains of a 6-year-old boy were found buried under the floor inside a Moro, Arkansas home.

Authorities located those remains on Aug. 16 following a phone call from the boy’s grandmother urging officials to do a welfare check.

According to the affidavit, Karen Rolland requested Lee County deputies search the home at 211 Front St.

When authorities arrived, the document says the mom, Ashley Rolland told authorities the boy was not at the residence.

His sister had scabs on her head and severe burns when she was rushed to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital shortly after.

Rolland then contacted Lee County deputies, once again, to report that the son was deceased at the home.

The report goes on to say deputies returned to the home and found newly nailed-down boards. They removed the boards and found a child’s flip-flop shoes and a blanket.

Deputies removed the top layer of the ground and were met with a pungent odor, later discovering the boy’s remains. The case has since been turned over to Arkansas State Police.

“There’s so much anger because I miss my grandson.”

The grandmother described the physical condition of the girl who she identifies as Taylor.

“She has three cracked ribs, a wrist fracture in her hand and it still hurts her so it’s hard to grab her by her hand,” said Rolland. “She had the stabs from the scissors from the time he cut her hair and her nose is all cut up.”

Rolland told FOX13 her granddaughter told her 33-year-old Nathan Bridges cut her hair as punishment and allegedly burned her with scalding, hot water.

“He bent her backward and put the hot water on her and let it run on her chest and held the back of her head into the water.”

Now family and a community of concerned residents are stepping up to assist the grandmother as she sacrifices her job and time to care for her remaining grandchild.

“Since Karen’s not going to be able to work, those funds are going to be needed and it took $5,000 to get that piece of paper she needed so badly to get visitation rights,” said Anita Widby, a relative and distant cousin of Rolland. “Now she’s going to need to get full custody. How much is that going to cost? We’re going to make sure that Taylor is taken care of, and Blue is going to be buried.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family pay for future expenses.

The fund has collected over $22,000 so far.

Meanwhile, according to the affidavit Nathan Bridges and Ashley Rolland, 28, are in custody, charged with several offenses including capital murder and abuse of a corpse.

The document goes on to say that the boy bit Bridges’ finger after which Bridges took the boy to the bathroom and drowned him in the toilet.

“It’s just such a horrendous evil, an act of evil.”