Cupid the Chihuahua mauled to death by 4 other dogs, family says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Raleigh family pet is dead after a brutal attack by a neighbor’s dogs.

The owners of the dog killed said the loss has left the family struggling. Cupid’s family told FOX13 that they are now considering suing.

According to Cupid’s owner, Cupid was attacked after being let out to use the bathroom on Saturday. Cupid the Chihuahua was considered a member of the Waddell family.

Four other dogs attacked him Saturday morning on the sidewalk outside their Raleigh home. Eleven-year-old Destiny Waddell couldn’t keep back the tears as she shared what happened.

”We saw them in front of our yard. I ran to the door and saw four big dogs. They were eating him, and they dragged him across to their house, she said.

The sound and images of Cupid fighting for his life were captured on a neighbor’s ring doorbell. Nine-year-old Christian Waddell doesn’t understand how this could happen. He said he has had nightmares since the attack.

”He was not just any dog, he was part of the family,” Waddell said

The dogs that attacked Cupid lived at a house caddy corner to them. Memphis Animal Services took the dogs into custody.

A man who lives at the house told FOX13 that the dogs were his son’s and that it is his son’s problem.

He told us his son wasn’t available to talk.

Memphis Animal Services said the dogs’ owner has agreed to have them put down because they are a threat to public safety.

LaQuisha Waddell said she plans to sue.

“For pain and suffering first, and my children can’t sleep. Pain and suffering and property damage. It’s horrible.” Laquisha Waddell said.

Memphis Animal Services told FOX13 that if the owner had not surrendered the dogs, he’d have to go to court to get them back.