City could soon use van to scan for potholes across Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Potholes riddle the streets of Memphis.

For some drives, they make holes not only in their tires but in their wallet too.

But some improvements to city streets may be on the way.

“This is the third tire in the last 30 days, hit my pocketbook hard,” said Derrick Joslin, Memphis.

In the last month, Derrick Joslin said he has replaced two tires.

And now he’s replacing another one.

“Memphis is just ridiculous because it’s like every single block there are potholes. You try to evade these potholes, but you don’t want to sideswipe anyone else, so you almost have to just go over them,” said Joslin.

To improve road conditions across Bluff City, Public Works Director Robert Knecht said you may soon see a van assessing road conditions.

“Generally what they do is they drive a section with the technology twice. It picks up all types of defects on the road. It picks up cracks if there are utility cuts, or potholes,” said Knecht.

Once the data is captured they will get a pavement condition index for each section of the roadway.

“The most immediate deliverables are this is the real picture of the city as a whole. And each council district,” said Knecht.

But it was not cheap.

Knecht said it cost about half a million dollars.

But he believes the investment is worth it.

“It’s commendable, but it doesn’t change the fact I’ve gone through three tires in the last 20 days,” said Joslin.

FOX13 was told it will take at least 99 days to assess every street across Memphis.

If you see a pothole, make sure you report it by calling 311 or using the city’s online 312 system.