Argument over burrito leads to knife fight, Memphis Police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A fight over a burrito on Valentine’s Day left two people wrestling in the driveway of a Memphis home.

It all started when 31-year-old Will Hammond left a burrito in the oven for too long, leading to an argument between him and a woman, according to the Memphis Police Department (MPD).

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That woman told police that Hammond took offense to her checking the oven behind him, accusing her of being too negative.

That’s when Hammond threw her against the wall and started choking her, the woman told police.

Court records accuse Hammond of then throwing her to the floor and choking her with his forearm.

The woman told MPD that she then called the police, but Hammond knocked her back to the ground, began choking her with both of his hands and threw her phone.

Hammond then left but came back, breaking the storm door and causing the woman to grab two kitchen knifes in response, according to Hammond’s arrest affidavit.

Hammond then destroyed her TV and charged at her, trying to pry the knifes away from her and cutting his hands in the process, MPD said.

The pair ended up outside where the woman said Hammond slammed her head against the front windshield of his 2018 Toyota Camry, cracking the windsheild.

The woman was left with scratches around her neck, a cut on her forehead and $1,400 in damage to her storm door and phone, police said.

Officers determined that Hammond was the primary aggressor and arrested him.

Hammond was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism.