Ahead of midterms, both parties talking about ways to bring down gas prices, energy costs

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Gas stations are billboards for how much you pay to get around.

The White House said it is trying to stabilize prices by releasing additional barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

But some Republican lawmakers are accusing the Biden administration of draining that resource.

“We have over 400 million barrels left in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, so it is not depleted,” said Jennifer Granholm, the Secretary of Energy. “We are we have announced a plan to replenish that at a price fixed for the oil and gas industry.”

The Washington News Bureau talked with Granholm about the administration’s efforts to increase oil production. She said the U.S. is on track to produce more than 12 million barrels a day by early next year.

“We want to increase our production in the United States to match our consumption and we are almost at record levels,” said Granholm. “We are the largest producer of natural gas as well. We do a lot of that to help stabilize the supply.”

Across the aisle, GOP lawmakers believe the U.S. relies too much on foreign exports for energy.

In this video, Congressman John Joyce from Pennsylvania blames the Biden administration for higher costs.

“President Biden and House Democrats war on American energy has caused the price of gasoline, the price of natural gas, and the price of electricity to skyrocket for hard working Americans,” said Joyce.

If Republicans regain control of congress, Joyce said that one plan would increase clean energy production here at home.

“We will maximize the production of base low power to restore our nation to energy dominance and cutting the permitting process time in half to reduce reliance on foreign countries,” said Joyce.