How you can help support the victims of Hurricane Ida

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Millions of people are still without power, thousands of homes destroyed, and neighborhoods are flooded after Category 4 Hurricane Ida slammed into Port Fourchon Louisiana.

People need your help. To assist, FOX13′s Family Focus is working with the Mid-South American Red Cross to raise funds and help in the relief effort for victims.

Your donation enables the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from this disaster.

The American Red Cross is working around the clock with our partners across four states to provide help to people struggling with the heartbreaking damage left behind by Hurricane Ida.

  • In Louisiana and Mississippi, more than a million people remain without power and some areas may not have electricity for weeks even as temperatures continue to soar.
  • Right now, we are focused on providing safe shelter, meals, and comfort for people in need.
  • Tuesday night, more than 2,100 people sought refuge in some 38 Red Cross and community shelters across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.
  • The Red Cross is working with partners to set up mobile kitchens capable of preparing tens of thousands of meals. And in the coming days, those meals will be loaded onto dozens of Red Cross emergency response vehicles and delivered to people in the hardest-hit areas struggling to recover.
  • In Louisiana and Mississippi as temperatures soar, more than a million people are without power and some areas may not have electricity for weeks; homes and businesses are destroyed; cell phones, water, and sewer services are down; roads are impassable, and many communities remain flooded.
  • Officials have asked evacuees not to return to their homes until it is safe to do so. In some areas, water is chest high and snakes and alligators have been sighted.
  • Many communities that are still recovering from the devastation of hurricanes Laura and Delta just a year ago are now facing flooded homes yet again along with another lengthy recovery effort.