From preschool to college, share your first day of school pictures here!

Show us your first day of school pictures here!

Back-to-school season is here!

FOX13 has compiled a full resource guide as you get ready to send your child back to, or in some cases for the first time, the classroom!

If you would like your child’s photo to be featured on FOX13 News or on, be sure to follow the steps below!

1) If you can, download and print off the FOX13 Back-to-School announcement template!

Click here for a list of all the templates.

2) Write your student’s name in the blank location

3) Take a photo!

4) Upload the photo here or in the widget below. You can also email the photo to If you do, just make sure you say you took the photo and give us permission to use it online and on FOX13 News.

5) Tune into FOX13 News daily to see if your child has been selected!