Local staffing agency helps Latino community find permanent employment

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, FOX13′s Family Focus is proud to celebrate the Mid-South Latino community. This week we’re highlighting a local staffing agency called Perfecto Staffing.

This company is driven by one goal, to move all clients from temporary positions to permanent employment.

This is the environment owner Jose Devine said he envisioned years ago before opening his own staffing agency. Employees working to cross language barriers to help people find gainful employment.

“This is really what is important to him. People, us. Passion for anything that we do and with purpose,” employee Mia Hernandez said.

Hernandez has worked for Devine for the last six years.

She remembers when he told her, “I see potential in you as a leader. Maybe you don’t see because you’re still a kid, but I see it.”

Insight for others, a passion for supporting people where they are in life, clear communication, and treating people like a team member instead of just an employee are what led Devine to open his own staffing agency.

“We’re going to treat people like people, not just a body,” Devine said. “They’re not just a body to me or to Perfecto. Any Perfecto employee is not just a body, these people that keep the light’s on for us, you know.”

Perfecto Staffing has opened three locations in less than three years and found positions for thousands of people.

“Real opportunities for the people of Memphis, because they don’t just want to go be an employee of an agency forever cause that’s not right for them. The benefits are on the other side,” says Devine.

Devine wants his employees to end up with a full-time job with benefits. He says to get there, he recognizes people need help with barriers.

“With the transportation, the childcare, everything that there is. No more. This job isn’t just for us. It is for you. We’re going to transport you there, take care of your kids, whatever it takes to get you there,” Devine said.

He continues to focus on opportunity and helping people grow.

“Never forget my people as well as my values,” Hernandez told FOX13.

“This is the land of every single opportunity. If you want it, you just got to go out there and get it,” according to Devine.

There are three Perfecto Staffing locations: on Mendenhall, in Olive Branch, and soon to be on Summer Avenue in Memphis.